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Typical restaurant, Calabrian dishes. The price is not an exaggeration, you eat well on a budget. Excellent meats and noodles that you take advice. Council to book if you go on Saturday. Elvira L.

A welcoming place, timely service and tasty dishes with a wine cellar, excellent. Too bad there is always waiting. Anthony, Barbara E figli

Great place for gatherings of friends. Gamma


A good venue, Central, quality food. A po’ expensive, but, as they say: we can not have your cake and eat it too. Frank


Great food, professional service and friendly Roberto. Alessandro


Quiet place to eat well. Lobotomy


Caro and amaro. Anytime


I liked: He eats alright. Desire


There was good food…. but do not go back there again! They are so dear to let you have the appetite! Mr. nic€ trip


I found good pizza. But even the starters. Serena


Thanks for everything. Especially the legendary Roberto. Joseph and Alexandra


A restaurant in the heart of the city, where the food is good and you pay the right. The service is good. What more do you want from life…Aristide


I often go there, The food is very good and the service impeccable. The wines are expensive. But we drink house wine


The pizza is not his forte. But for everything else there…. Mastercard. President 😉


We are a group of friends coming out almost every night. It’ always a dilemma the choice of the restaurant. At the end of the Vicoletto is a “expedient” safe and reliable. Angelo


Sometimes I happened to go to lunch. Always full. I hate to wait, but finally the wait worth it. Giorgia and Tonino


The tuna steak is delicious. Dino


A nice atmosphere for lunch and dinner. We often wear my girlfriend who loves cooking seafood chef Franco


A place that is the one for me. But what’ I like the Vicoletto is the seriousness of the guys who work there. Pasquale and Franco are good. Alex 😀


The quality you pay for. If you drink the house wine is better because a bottle is the cost of the meal for 30%. Daniel


It will also be expensive, as they say, but when I go there is always full…Marisa


Are you guys serious and professional. The food is good, from meat to fish. The pizza should improve. Joseph


I paid 18 Euro starter, secondo e house wine. Bitter on the house. Okay. A council: improved the buffet. Gennaro


I tried other places where you pay less and eat moderately, but when I have to look good coming to you 😉 Gianni


It offers a simple and varied cuisine ranging on both flesh on the fish through various regional traditions even if the priority is calabria.
Excellent wine cellar with labels at both regional and national.
ballpoint (2008)

Great Restaurant, clean and with good food. The seats are a 50ina, recommend the cavatelli with Sila ;). luchin0 (2007)


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